Scrub Cycles Stay away from this clown ?

I have been in this business for over 10 years and I deal with allot of different companies and most of them are a pleasure to deal with but every once in a while you meet that individual that gives you this sick feeling in your stomach, that type of guy that brags about being a good christian and then turns around and steals your life savings, well thats the feeling I got when I did buisness with scrub cycles, Now this is just my personal opinion But I think you are better off shooting yourself in the head then doing business with this guy. scrubby boy bought 3 bars from us, weeks after having the bars, he says he wants to return all 3 bars because his wanna be mechanic can’t get the wires through the bars, meanwhile I got word from 2 other dealers that know him and his lovely reputaion that he might have just been buying the bars to get dimensions because he wants to start making bars. Now I will admit sometimes we might miss something and I have no problem admitting it and taking care of my customers. but 3 bars back to back seemed suspicious, So when the bars came back I chopped up all 3 (Perfect) bars to see what the problem was only to find that all 3 were baby smooth inside. when I sent him the pics he had nothing to say except it’s no secret that they want to start making bars, maybe he needs to hire my mother to wire his bolt on bikes.



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