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Pro Tools M-Powered 7.4 software

Top Features

session compatibility with all current Pro Tools systems > create anywhere, anytime
hardware compatible with two dozen M-Audio interfaces > flexible options
industry-standard audio/MIDI production environment > know one Pro Tools system, know them all
easy to learn and use > make better music faster
advanced MIDI production tools > all-in-one solution
Elastic Time real-time tempo manipulation feature > change the tempo or timing of audio tracks on the fly
includes over 30 plug-ins, Structure™ Free sample player and Xpand! virtual instrument > incredible value
Pro Tools M-Powered 7 software puts the industry standard in audio/MIDI production on the fast track, letting you enter the powerful world of Pro Tools on your own terms. No lite version here—Pro Tools M-Powered has the same user interface as Pro Tools and Pro Tools LE, all while expanding your creative hardware options to nearly 20 M-Audio interfaces*. Session compatibility with all current versions of Pro Tools software means that you can easily move your projects between pro, project and mobile personal studios. And at just $299, anyone can become a member of the Pro Tools community. Pro Tools M-Powered 7 is the serious music production choice for power, compatibility, options and ease of use—without spending serious money.

Check out all the new features in Pro Tools M-Powered 7.4

Real Pro Tools

Pro Tools M-Powered isn’t some watered-down version of Pro Tools. It is Pro Tools. There are actually three flavors of Pro Tools, all of which share the same user interface and file format. The primary distinction is the hardware they work with. Pro Tools HD 7 runs on elite Pro Tools|HD hardware. Pro Tools LE 7 works with a variety of Digidesign hardware including the Mbox 2 family. And Pro Tools M-Powered* delivers even more options via compatibility with nearly 20 M-Audio interfaces. Now there’s no excuse for not having the industry-standard DAW in your creative toolbox.


There was a time when many musicians couldn’t afford the price of entry into the world of Pro Tools. That’s all history, thanks to Pro Tools M-Powered 7. It dramatically lowers the bar on price, while raising it for creative options. Pro Tools M-Powered 7 retails for only $299 and works with an extensive list of open-ended M-Audio hardware options. To sweeten the deal, you get over 30 production plug-ins for free, including the Structure™ Free sample player and the Xpand!™ sample-playback/synthesis workstation.

Professional Recording, Editing and Mixing—Anywhere, Anytime

Pro Tools M-Powered 7 software allows M-Audio hardware enthusiasts to easily enter the powerful recording, editing, and mixing features of Pro Tools. With up to 32 simultaneous tracks of 16- or 24-bit digital audio, and support for up to 96kHz sample rates, Pro Tools M-Powered 7 is an ideal companion for M-Audio interfaces and audio interface keyboards—whether you’re recording solo or entire bands. And the optionalMusic Production Toolkit expands Pro Tools M-Powered 7 to up to 48 mono or stereo tracks, and adds more effects and instruments, a multi-track version of Beat Detective and the Pro Tools MP3 Option.

Pro Tools M-Powered features a variety of tools for exceptional real-time flexibility when working with loops, REX files and Acid files. Elastic Timelets you quickly and easily change tempo or time on the fly, making loop-based music creation faster and more imaginative than ever. You can explore different tempos and experiment with loops and audio files that sync with your current session throughout the entire writing process. Pro Tools M-Powered also lets you add and reorder tracks; create, move and copy inserts and sends; change I/O routing and adjust loop points—all without ever stopping playback. The Loop Trim tool also makes it easy to turn audio or MIDI regions into loops. DigiBase—the program’s internal database—also has a Loop Preview feature that allows you to preview loops in sync, in real time, before bringing them into your session.

Once you’ve finished your recording, you can fine-tune your performances with Pro Tools’ unmatched nondestructive editing tools. Shape sounds, compose parts, and add effects with RTAS instrument and effects plug-ins then create polished mixes with professional mixing features and full mixer automation.

Quantizing MIDI data is one thing—but did you know that Pro Tools M-Powered also enables you to quantize audio? With Beat Detective LE, you can automatically analyze and tighten your rhythm tracks. You can even create groove templates from other loops or songs and apply them to your own material. With Pro Tools M-Powered 7, you’ve got the tools you need to create professional mixes wherever you want to take your music.

Control Surfaces

If you want the tactile feel of a pro console while enjoying the benefits of a personal or project studio, Pro Tools M-Powered 7 supports both Digidesign’s Command|8 and M-Audio’sProjectMix I/O. Both give you control over the software’s mixing and transport functionality. ProjectMix I/O even incorporates a built-in 10 x 10 FireWire audio interface complete with eight preamps so you don’t need any extra gear. If you’re a DJ, Torq Xponent gives you a familiar DJ mixer surface combined with an audio interface and RCA outputs.

* Pro Tools M-Powered 7 software requires a supported M-Audio hardware interface to function. Pro Tools M-Powered does not support DV Toolkit and SMPTE Time Window. 
** Powered 6-pin FireWire port required

Produce with the Industry Standard

The combination of M-Audio gear and Pro Tools M-Powered 7 lets you work anywhere, anytime with the industry standard in music production software. Seamlessly collaborate with anybody running any version of a current Pro Tools system, including cross-platform between Windows XP and Mac OS X. Easily take your projects to just about any recording studio to have it mixed by a pro. Or take your pro studio projects home or on the road with you. With Pro Tools M-Powered 7, owners of most M-Audio interfaces instantly become members of the largest community of digital audio workstation users in the world.

Easy to Use

Pro Tools M-Powered is very simple and intuitive. Elegance and power are the reasons why Pro Tools is used in the majority of professional recording studios around the world. And once you know how to use one version of Pro Tools, you know how to work in any Pro Tools environment—from personal studio to pro studio. And if you want help, Pro Tools is supported by more educational materials and classes than all other DAW software put together.

Flexible and Portable—More Options

A variety of M-Audio PCI, FireWire and USB hardware interfaces are compatible with Pro Tools M-Powered 7 software, giving you more choices in where, when and how you work. For high-fidelity I/O in a PCI-based system, our entire Delta line is compatible with Pro Tools M-Powered 7—from the personal 2-channelAudiophile 2496 and Audiophile 192 cards all the way up to the 10 x 10 Delta 1010. For Pro Tools recording on the go, our compatible USB products range from the pocket-sized Transit to the MobilePre USB with dual preamps, and Fast Track USB (2-in, 2-out). M-Audio’s bus-poweredFireWire interfaces** like our FireWire 410 (4-in/10-out) and FireWire 1814 (18-in/14-out) provide even more I/O and higher sampling rates, letting you easily put together a multi-channel studio to go. Mix live and in the studio with theNRV10 interface/analog mixer. And DJs can enter the world of Pro Tools with Torq Conectiv.

ReWire Torq and More

Fans of Torq and other standalone applications can utilize ReWire within Pro Tools M-Powered 7 for the best of both worlds. Simply send Torq software’s output streams into Pro Tools M-Powered via ReWire for further mixing and processing. Pro Tools M-Powered also accepts MIDI directly from ReWire applications for recording controller data to a Pro Tools MIDI or Instrument track. With Pro Tools M-Powered and ReWire, the creative possibilities are endless.

Plug-ins Galore

Pro Tools M-Powered 7 software not only provides access to award-winning Pro Tools software—you’re also instantly able to take advantage of a variety of RTAS and AudioSuite plug-ins designed by the recording industry’s largest professional third-party developer community. Track with powerful host-based vintage instruments like GForce’s Oddity andMinimonsta:Melohman. And polish your mixes with effects and mastering plug-ins like iZotope Ozone and Spectron that surpass even expensive hardware. Click here to check out more plug-ins from M-Audio, Digidesign and our partners.

Pro Tools M-Powered 7 also includes more than 30 DigiRack and Bomb Factory plug-ins right out of the box, including EQ, dynamics, delay, reverb, and many more. You also get two plug-ins from the renowned Digidesign Advanced Instrument Research (A.I.R.) group, Xpand! and Structure Free. The Xpand! sample-playback/synthesis plug-in ships with over 1,000 factory patches comprised of up to four parts. It also features four built-in arpeggiators and two effects processors. The powerful Structure Freesample player allows you to easily add a wide range of instruments to your sessions—and includes over 885 MB of high-quality samples.


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