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NRV10 - 10 x 10 FireWire Digital Audio Interface

Top Features

high-quality 8 x 2 analog mixer with integral 10 x 10 24-bit/96kHz FireWire S 400 audio interface > powerful recording and performance system
4 mono channels, 2 stereo channels (including 5 XLR mic inputs) > connect mics, guitars, synths and more
integrated digital effects processor with 16 effects, plus variations, mute and peak LED > add effects without taxing your computer
headphone output with flexible source assignment and DJ-style pre-listening > preview tracks before adding them to the main mix
compatible with all major DAWs including Pro Tools M-Powered 7.3* (demo included) > produce tracks with the industry standard 

*Pro Tools M-Powered 7.3 is a paid upgrade from earlier versions of Pro Tools M-Powered.
The NRV10™ is a new breed of gear that combines an 8 x 2 analog mixer and a 10 x 10 24-bit/96kHz digital audio interface in one convenient package—the perfect tool for computer-based recording and performance. Route and record mixer channels discretely to individual tracks in Pro Tools M-Powered 7.3 and greater (Pro Tools M-Powered 7.3 is a paid upgrade from earlier versions of Pro Tools M-Powered), Ableton Live 6 and other software studios. You can also return multiple discrete audio channels from your computer to the NRV10 for CPU-free mixing and monitoring complete with on-board digital effects—great for live performances. And that means you don’t have to change settings like EQ and reverb in your files every time you play a new venue. Flexible monitoring options also make vocal/instrument recording and DJ-style audio previewing a breeze. And the included NRV10 interFX application allows you to turn your NRV10 and host computer into a powerful live mixer with access to all of your VST effects. The NRV10 seamlessly integrates your computer with your studio—and bridges the gap between studio and stage as well.

Your Studio’s Nerve Center

The NRV10's eight analog inputs let you keep all of your favorite instruments and other gear connected while composing or practicing—even when your computer is off or disconnected. And, thanks to its integral 10 x 10 FireWire interface, you can record any or all of them to computer-based tracks any time you wish. Conversely, you can also discretely return multiple channels of pristine digital audio to the mixer for flexible monitoring, mixing and processing. Inline monitoring on the same channels from which you recorded means you can just leave your levels set where they are. Use the two aux buses to route to external processors or create a custom headphone mix. In the studio, the NRV10 lets you move seamlessly between writing, recording, practicing, editing and mixing without ever needing to change cabling or connections.


More Live Uses

The NRV10's live applications are endless. Its flexible monitor source assignment can send the drummer a headphone click track—and even lets your DAW's automation change effects and other parameters on the fly for different song sections. Or if you're creating live dance music, the monitoring section lets you audition material in your headphones DJ-style before routing it to the main mix. Have some soft synths? A laptop, the NRV10 and an M-Audio MIDI controller are a great way to perform them on stage. And if you're recording a band live, the NRV10 lets you easily record different players to separate tracks using an application like Pro Tools M-Powered.


Professional Mixer

Featuring a durable metal chassis, the NRV10 can be used either with a computer or as an excellent standalone mixer. M-Audio's award-winning Octane preamp technology assures best-of-class performance. The unit features four stereo and four mono channels—and the first five inputs have phantom-powered XLR mic inputs as well. its design features everything you'd expect in a professional mixer including balanced inputs, channel inserts for inline processing, two aux buses, 3-band EQ on each channel and a flexible monitor section. There's also a built-in effects section with 16 effects so you don't even need to burden the computer for basic effects—especially handy live or when practicing.



The Missing Link for Live Computer Tracks

Using computer-based tracks on live gigs used to require making and saving software adjustments for parameters like levels, EQ and effects just so everything sounded right. Now that's history. The NRV10 gives you easy analog mixer control over direct feeds from multiple computer-based tracks. Perfect your studio tracks, then just make temporary tweaks on the NRV10 for live performances. As a bonus, you can run live vocals and more through the same processing you used on those studio tracks. You can even add the NRV10's built-in digital effects to tracks without modifying your files. The NRV10 puts you back in control of the mix that you and your audience hear live.


Analog Heart, Digital Mind

A FireWire digital interface is not a pricey extra option on the NRV10. It's built right in, giving you the best of analog mixing and digital recording in a single, cost-effective package. The ability to route analog inputs and outputs in conjunction with digital tracks and buses provides for seamless creative flow without multiple devices or constantly plugging and unplugging cables. The FireWire interface and software drivers build on M-Audio's years of experience perfecting digital audio interfaces to critical acclaim. You get unbeatable specs like pristine digital audio quality all the way up to 24-bit/96kHz. And unlike other FireWire mixers, the NRV10's ability to return multiple channels from your computer gives you much more flexibility compared to simple stereo returns.


NRV10 interFX Turns Your Computer into a Multi-Effects Processor

The included NRV10 interFX software for Windows and Mac turns the NRV10 and your host computer into an even more powerful mixing console complete with multi-effects processing. The application adds a compressor, expander/gate and two VST effect slots to each mixer channel—letting you process your live instruments and mics with your favorite computer-based effects. Of course, you can also save and recall settings for later use. Now, with the NRV10 and NRV10 interFX, you can bring the VST plug-in effects you use in the studio to the stage.

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